Mark J. Novak

Popple Ridge is a living testament to the dreams of one man. This land has been in the Novak family for three generations, and our roots run deep in the soil. The farm was originally owned by Andrew and Carol Novak, and their son Mark grew up on this farm.


Mark worked the land with his parents, and as an adult, he and his wife Dawn purchased the farm from them. This is the land he loved; where he chose to raise his own children.

Mark started a pumpkin patch for his grandchildren, and that became a favorite autumn tradition for our family. What initially started as a small family gathering quickly spread to neighbors and friends, alike. Mark’s vision was to create an idyllic corner of the world where people could gather and celebrate the fall harvest. Our father’s dream was cut short in 2017, when he passed away after fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer. In honor of him, we have picked up the torch and continue his work. We are pleased to welcome you to our father’s pumpkin patch.

It is our hope that a visit to Popple Ridge becomes part of your family’s tradition, as well!